The (Very vague) Curriculum:

Everyone sucks at something. Start being enlightened with whatever this is:

New stuff in new colours

Newest thing here


Physics (applied meths)

Chemistry (applied physics)

Biology (applied chemistry)

Turning shit into gold (literature):



Bestselling titles


Hopefully, more subjects and guides are coming soon! (provided I don’t waste all my time watching useless videos)

Disclaimer: I make short, concise and interesting guides (and I mean it). Don’t expect to see repetitive explanations or a barrage of problems. Go somewhere else for that.

Why are notes for the weak?/An introduction to my site

Hey there

Welcome to my site!

This is a website where I teach people stuff

Sort of

Its where I post guides for people who have no idea of what the fuck is going on in class

Its where I post lessons for people who just don’t give a shit about school

Its where I post reviews for people who are doing a last minute revision a day before finals

Its where I post recaps for people with teachers like these:

Just stahp.
Just stahp. Get out. Shut the fuck up.

So I bet you’re wondering what the fuck is this title for a website about learning. Well, my views on education are somewhat different from conventional views.

I believe that learning should be laid back and virtually effortless, that they should be relaxed and fun.

You should also, never take notes.

“Why?”, they ask. “Notes are great!” “They help you study!” “They reinforce your memory!” “It shows that your are listening in class!” “It lets your parents know what you’re doing!”. Well screw those guys. Who needs notes when you are great at what you do? Who needs notes when you know everything the teacher says? Who needs notes when you pay attention in class? Well, on the other hand, you may be a weakling like most people, but I’m here to help. Who needs notes when everything you need is on this amazing website? With this website, you can finally procrastinate and daydream at will. You finally have time to watch stuff like this (the video  changes once in a while):

So anyway, this website is for the procrastinators, the daydreamers, the geniuses, the rushers, the retards, the stoners, the bookworms, the nerds, the cool kids, the bullies, the athletes, the sluts, the neo-nazis, the gatecrashers, the rich kids, the asians who have classes everyday, the weird guy from next door, or even the people like me who don’t give a shit about class because you know everything already and are just that good. Whoever you are, if you want or need or desperately need to know something without trying too hard, without wasting your time, without pressing a shit ton of links, without reading a massive essay which in the end wasn’t what you were looking for at all, this is the website for you.

So thank me, and remember, notes are for the weak.



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