Art Appreciation: Part 2

Arthur coughed softly in a futile attempt to catch his attention, but since it was a futile attempt he failed to do so.

“Hey.” Arthur said.

“I know of your presence beside me but I am choosing not to acknowledge it because you are of no importance to the task I am currently performing.” He replied swiftly and sternly with a monotone.


“Do you wish to socialize with me?”


The young man considered for a moment.

“My name is Marcin.”

“Um, Hi. Marcin’s a pretty weird name.”

“Indeed. It’s Polish. At least that’s what I like to believe. Having your name misspelled on your birth certificate isn’t the best story.”

Arthur chuckled lightly at the thought.

“So, Marcin, who’s the fucked up guy next to you?”

“He’s my mentor.”

“I mean, why does he look so fucked up?”

“He’s in contemplation.”


“This happens from time to time. If he sees an artwork that happens to speak to his artistic soul, he will attempt to decipher the artwork’s deepest meeting. This may result in him staring at it for hours without rest. Depends on how well the artwork is.”

“So he’s like, some kind of art god person?”

“In a way, yes. He is ascending. When an ordinary individual devotes his life to art creation and appreciation, he will begin to ascend to a being of pure art. Once he ascends, he will no longer be a human, but an immortal. A god. A god of art. But it will take a lot of effort and time, which is why he will lapse between human and god. My job is to document and record his transition process, as any of his actions may be a great work of art.”

“……That is fucking retarded man.”

“Well it’s true.”

“Welp, I better leave the documentary set.”

That was when the old man lost control of his body and slumped to the floor, lifeless.

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