Literature: How to turn shit into gold/ A general guide to literature

People say that literature analysts are the so-called “Bullshit people”. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Literature is all about making tiny details seem like they have this great big meaning behind them.

Literature is all about writing pages of essays on things that may not be even true and are very arguable.

Literature is all about covering up empty and subjective points with fancy, elaborate and extravagant language.

Literature is all about turning shit into gold.

So lets turn shit into gold.

Literature is the study of “classic” texts that usually comment and relate to a variety of concepts and problems and showcase “outstanding: writing abilities and techniques.

By “studying” them, people try to find how these texts relate to these topics and how these texts are so amazingly written and structured.

But usually, these claims about these texts are false.

Still, it is a subject and seemingly “trains your ability to think critically and finding connections”. They also “promote interest on reading texts and train your ability to write with good points, language and structure”.

In other words, your ability to turn shit into gold.

For those who really have their own well-structured and well-evidenced opinions on any text they read, congratulations! (NERD!!!) You don’t need this section at all.

For those who don’t know or don’t care, you’re screwed in literature.

Fortunately, these is usually a standard structure that you can write about and answer questions about literary analysis, and I am going to show you how.

These are the skills that you need to elaborate on seemingly meaningless and empty points to make them seem organized and well-thought. (turn shit into gold)

There are 3 different types of texts that you can comment on, and each of them require their own set of skills.

The 3 types are prose, poetry and dramas.

These will be detailed in the next lessons:

Analyzing Prose Part 1

Analyzing Poetry

Analyzing Drama

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to read and find “classics” and “masterpieces”. Most of them are boring or have alot of guides about them already.

Since you can bullshit on just about any text, in my guides, I’ll be analysing songs, TV shows, movies and other works that are interesting, but using the same techniques as analyzing actual texts. Hopefully this will introduce concepts in a much more interesting way.

So thank me, and remember, notes are for the weak

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